To see your customers Average Order Value (AOV), kindly refer steps as follows:

1. Go to Customers.

2. See the Average Order Value (AOV) for each of your customers on the right-side.

You can calculate your average order value using this simple formula: 

Total Revenue / Number of Orders = Average Order Value.


Tips: Do you know? Just click on the "Total Orders", then your top customer with the most orders will show up!


3 Strategies to Up Your Customer's Average Order Value (AOV):

Think... It's all about getting them to buy more (increase the basket size) each time.

1. Discounts: Offer customers an incentive such as discounts or promotions when they add products to their cart.

Learn how to create vouchers in Lazada and Shopee

2. Free Shipping: No one wants to pay for shipping obviously, even if it means adding more items to their order.

Learn how to create free shipping in Lazada (Login Required)

3. Cross Selling & Upsell: You can immediately impact your AOV by offering customers products that go well together. E.g. "Buy 3 and save Extra 5%".

Learn how to upsell by utilizing Lazada Flexi Combo (Login Required)  or Shopee Bundle Deal


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