Before you proceed with this tutorial, please see this tutorial by click here if you want to:

  • Change existing single to variation product.
  • Delete or edit existing variation option or variation SKU.


Proceed with the steps below to add new variants to existing products:


1. Go to Products.


2. Go to Products.

3. For example, your product has 2 variants and now you want to add a 3rd variant, a new one (example: Red Colour).

4. Click on Edit button.


5. Kindly refer to option value column, insert Red and press Enter on your keyboard.


6. Then it will create the Red option.


7. Kindly insert the value below the column:

a. Name

b. SKU number

c. Quantity

d. Price

e. Discount (If your product just syncs to Shopee, the discount column is optional)


8. Click on the Save button.


9. The new variants added into your product successfully.


Shopee Malaysia

1. The new variants will be added to the product listing in Shopee plug-in automatically. 

Note: Make sure the variation ID is displayed, then only you can consider the variation is sync successfully to Shopee Seller Centre.



2. In Zetpy Shopee plug-in also will sync, and added new variants to the product in Shopee Seller Centre automatically.


Lazada Malaysia

1. The new variants will be added to the product in Lazada plug-in automatically. 

2. But, you have to fill in the required field in order to sync to Lazada successfully.

3. Click on the Edit button.


4. Refer to the Colour Family.


5. Insert the Red value.


6. You can click on the Edit button or Save button.


7. Your product sync status will change from Queue to Success.


8. Then, your product will be sync successfully to Lazada Seller Center.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at