1. Login to Zetpy and go to APPS > Plugins > Add Plugins tab.


2. Click Add button to add the StoreHub plugin and install it.


3. Click Install button to sync products, price and stock to StoreHub.


4. Click Setup button.


5. Insert Consumer Username and Consumer Secret.

Note: The StoreHub API key need to be requested from StoreHub Customer Care and CC to us - support@zetpy.com. They will help to create it for you.

6. Then, click Save.


7. Your account credential is successfully update! 

8. Click on the edit button to select your Store Name.


9. Select your Store and click on the Save button.

*Important Tip: If you change the storehub store name later, you would need to change it here in Zetpy's Storehub plugin too.

10. Click on the Products button to proceed to StoreHub homepage plugin.


11. Now you can start to Import or Add Products on StoreHub plugin. 


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com.