1) Login to your Zetpy account.

2) On the app section, click Plugins.


3) Click Add Plugin tab and you will see TikTok Shop Logo under the marketplace plugin, Click Add button.


Once Added, you will be able to locate the Plugin in your left menu bar


4) Click 'Add' button to authorize your Tiktok Shop account.


5) Once you click in for the first time, we will ask you to key your TikTok Shop details for authorization.

Name: It can be your shop name or any name you prefer.

User Email: This email must be the same email address (administrator) that you are using with your TikTok Shop.


6) After you click Save, it will redirect you to TikTok Shop website. Firstly, you will need to choose 'Asia seller' option.

Then, select your region based on your TikTok Shop account.



7) Log in using your Tiktok Shop seller center credential.


8) Select the duration and fill up the contact email. Then, click 'confirm to install'.

Duration - recommended to go for 1 year (so that you don't need to do reauthorize in a short period of time)

Contact email - support@zetpy.com


9) Click 'Authorize'.


10) Once done, you will be redirected back to Zetpy and your app has been successfully authorized. You may proceed to manage your TikTok Shop in Zetpy.