Authorize Zalora plugin in Zetpy

Setup Zalora Webhook

Authorize Zalora plugin in Zetpy

1. Login to your Zetpy account. 

2. On the app section, click Plugins Add Plugins.


3. You will see Zalora logo under marketplace plugin. Click on Add button.


4. Click Install.


5. New tab will pop up. Click Add Credential.


6. Fill in the credentials as follows:

  • User Name
  • User ID & API Key
  • Country


7. To get User ID & API Key, kindly login to Zalora Seller Center.

8. Go to Settings > Integration Management


9. Copy the credentials and paste it in your Zetpy account.


10. Select Malaysia as country option.


11. Last but not least, click on the Save button. 


The authorization is completed and your Zalora account is now successfully connected. Zetpy will automatically fetch back all the orders from 6 months ago into Zetpy, along with the details of customers.


Setup Zalora Webhook


1. Go to Zalora Seller Center > Settings.


2. Go to Webhooks.


3. Click on Add Webhook.


4. Fill in Callback URL by following this rule:<user_id>.

Note: #<user_id> should follow what is filled in Zalora API.


5. Tick the entities as follows:

  • Feed
  • Completed
  • Created
  • Order
  • Created
  • ItemsStatusChanged
  • ReturnStatusChange


6. Click Submit and you will be good to go.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at