1) Go to Products.

2) Click Bulk Stock Update.


3) You will then be prompted with this screen, Click Download.


4) The excel file will be donwloaded into your device/PC.

5) Open the excel file, you will see SKU, Product Name, Current Stock and New Stock. Just fill in the new stock quantity in the New_Stock column.

* Note: The new stock insert should be overwrite with the current stock quantity. (Eg: The current stock is 5 and there are 5 new stocks coming in, therefore you should fill in the new stock quantity as 10.)

Please do not edit the SKU or Product Name. Once done, save the file.



6) Back to Zetpy, click on Choose a file to upload the excel file. Then, click Save.


7) The new stock is now updated to Zetpy Products page, at the same time, the stock will update to the plugins and auto sync to the marketplace.



If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com