1. Login to Zetpy and go to Products.

2. Click on Changes Log.


3. Refer details as follows for more information on Changes Log feature:

I. Filter By: Find your product by inserting your product item name. You can also find them by their status such as SKU, Product Name, or Users.


II. Channel: Identify your product item channel such as Product Core, WooCommerce and others.


III. Previous & Current Values

A. Deduct in Stock: display a negative value. Eg, -1, -5
If you decrease the stock quantity or when orders from marketplace sync back to Zetpy, it will show the stock quantity deducted.

B. Add in Stock: display a positive value. Eg, 10, 20
If you increase the stock quantity in Zetpy product lists, it will show the stock quantity added.


IV. User: User who login to your account and make changes on product item.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com.