Here's a quick solution for you, if you want to:
1. Change existing single to variation product.
2. Edit existing variation product especially delete/edit existing variation option or variation SKU.


Just follow the steps below:
1. Go to Lazada/Shopee seller center or Shopify/WooCommerce, and add/delete/edit the variation into existing product.
2. Delete the existing product in Lazada/Shopee/Shopify/WooCommerce plugin in Zetpy.
3. In Lazada/Shopee/Shopify/WooCommerce plugin, click on the 'Import Product' button. 
4. Adjust stock in Zetpy Product core, because Zetpy gets the lowest stock during import.



1. Only if you're adding a new variation WITHOUT editing the existing variation, it is advisable to do in Zetpy Product core, then go to Lazada/Shopee/Shopify/WooCommerce plugin to check the status. If the status is successful and there's Variation Item ID under each variation, then it is okay. Unless there's an error message in Lazada/Shopee/Shopify/WooCommerce, then need to fix it so that product can be updated to Lazada/Shopee/Shopify/WooCommerce seller center.

2. Before import, you can delete in Product Core, if the product is NOT linked with other plugins.

3. You also can provide us the Product ID from Lazada/Shopee, then we help to import back the product into Zetpy.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at