Before you start to import Lelong product to Zetpy Lelong plug-in, please take note on the steps below:

A) You need to export the products to Lelong control panel, click here to refer to the tutorial on How To Export Lelong Product.

B) When you export the excel sheet, Lelong will only capture the fields as below:

  • Product ID
  • Product SKU
  • Product Title
  • Product Quantity
  • Shipping Fee
  • Ship Within Area
  • Selling Price
  • Retail Price

If you are unable to export the products, please contact Lelong team / / Tel: 603-8090 5060


Once you exported the products, you can refer to the steps below to import Lelong product into Zetpy Lelong plug-in:

***NOTE: Product import to Zetpy Lelong Plug-In only allow up to MAX 1000 products EACH TIME. And only support XLSX format.

1) Go to Lelong plug-in.

2) Click Import Products 


3) Select your State.


4) Insert your City.


5) Select Will Ship To.


6) Tick your Shipping Method.


7) Tick your Payment Method.


8) Click Upload Excel File.


9) Select the excel file you want to upload.

10) Click Open.


11) The excel file will upload in Zetpy Lelong plug-in.

12) Click Import.


13) The products will start to import into Zetpy Lelong plug-in.


14) Once the product importing is done, you can click on the Failed Import Products button to double check which product is unable to import to Zetpy Lelong plug-in.


15) You can see the products failed to import because the product does not exist in your Zetpy product lists.




Click here to refer to the tutorial on How To Create A New Product in Zetpy product lists, then you can re-import the product again.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at