Before you start to import PrestoMall product to Zetpy PrestoMall plug-in, please take note on the steps below:

1) Login to PrestoMall Seller Office.

2) Go to Product.

3) Click Product Info. Management.

4) Click Download Full Details In Excel.

5) Tick Select All.

6) Click Export.

7) PrestoMall export file will save in your device.

If you are unable to export the products, please contact PrestoMall team / Tel: +603-7622 4311

8) Go to Zetpy control panel.

9) Click PrestoMall.

10) Click Import Products. (Please take note that: This 'Import Products' button can only be used for the First Time / Once.)

11) Click on the column below to upload the PrestoMall excel file.

12) Select the excel file.

13) Click Open.

14) Zetpy will capture the file.

15) Click OK.

16) Zetpy will show a message of the importing products progress with the amount products you have in PrestoMall.

17) Then, the products will be imported to your Zetpy PrestoMall.

18) PrestoMall products will also save in the Zetpy Product lists.

Once imported has done, the 'Import Products' button will be DISABLED as the button can only be used for the first time. 

---> To Add New Product to marketplace, you are required to create the new product in Zetpy and then sync it to all marketplaces. Please follow the steps here to learn How to Create New Product in Zetpy.

*Note: If you create the new product in Marketplace Seller Center, the product Would Not Sync and update it in Zetpy.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at