By inserting image in Long Description, the image is required to have a URL link in order to add it in the text editor.

If the image that you wish to add is taken from Google Image - You can just simply add the image into the text editor by using the Drag and Drop method.

If you're using your own designed image and there has no URL link for the image, you can do it by using this way to generate a URL for the image:

1. Go to Click on START UPLOADING.


2. You will be prompted with this screen. Select the image that you want to add.


3. Click "Upload".


4. The image upload is completed. Select Viewer Links and a URL link will be generated. Hover the mouse to the link and click COPY to copy the link.

5. Open a New Tab and Paste the URL link. 

6. Click the Download icon to download the image with URL link.


7. The image is now downloaded with a URL link. Copy the Link.

8. Back to Zetpy Core or Plugin, at the Product Long Description text editor, Click on the Image icon to upload image.

9. Paste the URL link at this field and click OK.

10. The image will appear at the text editor.

11. If you wish to adjust the Width and Height of the image, Double-click on the image. Input the Width and Height and look for the result in Preview. Once done, click OK.


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