If you are facing product sync with error issue, it could be:
- Product has been deleted
- SKU number is not the same
- API issue.

These are the examples of the error issue:
A) Item duplicate.
B) Can't edit deleted/invalid items.
C) Item has variation
D) Item does not exist
E) Item or variation does not exist
F) Provide an invalid variation id
G) Item_id is required


These steps below is to help you to re-link the products that is already exist in your Shopee Seller Centre.

1) Go to your Shopee Seller Centre and search for the product.

2) Click Action 

3) Click Edit 


4) Refer to the screenshot below for the highlighted red box, which is Shopee Product ID and copy it.


5) Go to Zetpy control panel.

6) Click Shopee plug-in and search for the product.

7) Click Edit Item ID icon.


8) Paste Shopee Product ID.

9) Click Save 


10) Shopee plug-in will show the Item ID has successfully updated .

11) Click Edit Product.


12) Scroll til the bottom.

13) Click Save.


14) Shopee plug-in will push the latest info to Shopee site.


15) Then, your product sync status will show Succes.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com or contact us: 03-91343283