Note that:

  • Some Lazada categories only able support in Single Product previously, but due to Lazada new improvement, now all categories can be supported Variation Product.
  • However, Zetpy don't support API from Lazada. So, if the products imported into Zetpy have 'edit' and 'action', the products will have error in Lazada plugin.
  • But let say if the products imported into Zetpy, did not have any 'edit' and 'save' action in Core or Lazada plugin, and the status is 'success', then the stock still can be synced and updated to Lazada Seller Center.


Categories affected:

1. Groceries > Chocolate, Snacks & Sweets > Sweets > Gummy Sweets

2. Groceries > Chocolate, Snacks & Sweets > Snacks > Potato Chips & Crisps

3. Groceries > Food Staples & Cooking Essentials > Dried Goods > Beans & Chickpeas

4. Groceries > Chocolate, Snacks & Sweets > Snacks > Cake & Roll

5. Pet Supplies > Pet Healthcare > Dental Care > Supplements & Vitamins

6. Pet Supplies > Pet Food > Fish Food

7. Pet Supplies > Pet Accessories > Aquarium Needs > Lightings

8. Pet Supplies > Pet Healthcare > Fleas & Ticks > Spot Treatments

9. Small Appliances > Small Kitchen Appliances > Other SKA > Sparkling Beverage & Soda Makers



Solutions for now:

  • Either users can change the product categories to those categories that can support Variation in Lazada Seller Center and in Zetpy; or
  • Users can separate out the variants sell as Single; or
  • Remain the listing to let the stock sync and update to Lazada, but can’t have any ‘edit’ and ‘save’ action in Zetpy Core / Lazada plugin


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at