A) How To Adjust Lazada Retail Price In Zetpy Lazada Plug-In?

1. Go to Lazada plug-in.

2. Click Edit Price button.


3. You can choose to adjust the Normal Price only.

4. Once edited, click Save button.


5. The price is now updated in Zetpy.


6) The updated price will sync and update in Lazada.


B) How To Set Lazada Sales Price In Zetpy Lazada plug-in?

1) Go to Lazada plug-in.

2) Click Edit Price button.


3) If you would like to set the discount price, insert Discounted Price in the Special Price Column.


6) Select the Date for Sales Price From.


7) Select the Time for Sales Price From.


8) Select the Date for Sales Price To.


9) Select the Time for Sales Price To.


10) Click OK button.

**Take note, the value of 'Time' is accepted in intervals of 15 mins (For ex: 2017-07-15 18:23 will be converted to 2017-07-15 18:15).


11) The sales price will be updated in Zetpy.


12) Then, the updated sales price will sync to Lazada.


Zetpy has bulk update price feature in Lazada plug-in, you can click here to refer to the tutorial on How To Bulk Update Lazada Pricing In Zetpy?

If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com