1. Login to Zetpy and go to Marketplace Plugins (E.g. Lazada Malaysia). 


2. Choose your product to be deleted and click on 'Delete' icon.


3. Click 'Confirm' to delete your product inside marketplace plugin. You can tick 'The product will be set inactive in Lazada' to deactivate your product in Lazada or any other marketplaces.


4. Now your product has been deleted from the marketplace plugin listing.


5. Go to Products > Products.

6. Type in the product name in 'Search' box.

7. Once found your product, click on 'Delete' icon to delete the product.


8. Click 'Confirm' button to delete your product.


9. Your deleted product can be found at Hidden / Deleted Products tab.


Note: If you click on 'Pushed to Marketplace' icon and found that your product is still tied to marketplace plugin, your product CANNOT be deleted. This is because the product is STILL pushed to your marketplace account. You need to delete it first on marketplace plugin, only then you will able to delete those products in live Products tab.


Click here for tutorial link on to restore your product in Zetpy.

If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com