1) Go to Lazada Malaysia Plugin.

2) Click Import Products button.

Note: Please ensure ALL products are assigned with SKU and the same products selling on different marketplaces must having the same SKU before you start to import.


3) Click on the Continue button.


4) Zetpy will start to import all products from Lazada to your Zetpy account

Note: The process of importing may take some times depending on how many products @ SKUs you have in Lazada.

5) Once the loading bar is gone, the import process has completed and all products are being imported.

6) Your products will also appear in the Zetpy Product lists (Core Product).


7) Once imported has done, the 'Import Products' button will be DISABLED as the button can only be used for the first time. 

**Note: To Add New Product to marketplace, please create the new product in Zetpy and then sync it to all marketplaces.

Click here to learn how to add new product in Zetpy. 

If you create the new product in Marketplace Seller Center, the product would not sync and update it in Zetpy as the API will only fetch orders from marketplaces to Zetpy.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com