1. Login to your Zetpy account.

2. Click on Products.

3. Click on Add Product.

4. To create product, you have to fill in all of the following steps below:

  • Name: Product Name.
  • Description: Product Description.
  • Taxable: Tick "Taxable" if your product have tax.
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU): Product SKU.
  • Quantity: Product Stock Quantity.
  • Price: Product Price.
  • Discounted Price: Product Discounted Price.
  • Weight: Product Weight.
  • Length: Product Length.
  • Width: Product Width.
  • Height: Product Height.
  • Images: Drop files here to upload your product image.

5. Click Save and the product will be created successfully in Zetpy Products.

6. Next, to add this product and sync it as a New Product in Lazada, Shopee, PrestoMall or Lelong, please refer to here:

Lazada: How to Add Product To Lazada Plug-In & Sync As A New Product?

Shopee: How to Add Product to Shopee Plug-In & Sync As A New Product?

PrestoMall: How To Add Product To PrestoMall Plug-In & Sync As A New Product?

Lelong: How To Add Product To Lelong Plug-In & Sync As A New Product?


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com