You can now process/fulfill Lazada Orders in Zetpy by enabling you to print the Invoice and Shipping Label. 


Just go through some simple steps and you can process order easily in Zetpy! 

1) Go to Orders.

2) Click Lazada Malaysia.



3) In the order details, on the upper part, you can see the Order Reference Number, Order Status, Customer Name and Contact Number, Shipping Address as well as Billing Address.


Note: If you would like to print Sales Order, click 'Print to PDF' and it will open a New Tab with the Sales Order in PDF file. This would be optional since Lazada will generate invoice for each order. 



4) Scroll down through page, you will see the order details included Product Image, SKU, Product Name, Unit Price, Quantity, Sub-Total and Total Price.


5) Tick on the Lazada Order Reference number. Then, click on Arrange Shipment.



6) To process the order, click on the 'Ready to Ship' button.


7) Your order is now under 'Ready to Ship' status will be automatically updated.

The status will also sync to your Lazada Seller Center account.



8) Go to filter order status under READY TO SHIP.

Note: Filter the order from which account if you have more than 1 Lazada.


9) Filter the printed status to NOT PRINTRED

10) Also, filter the order date to search back the order.



11) Select the order and click Bulk Print Airwaybill to print the AWB. 



12) Select the Document Type e.g. Airway bill + Packing list and Paper size e.g. A6.


13) Click Print



If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at