Why does it shows that your Lazada account is not authorized?

You may receive this message as stated below:

What does it mean?

Previously if you've authorized the account successfully and now it shows that it is not authorised, then it means that the token access to your Lazada account has expired and the API will stop and disconnect between Lazada and Zetpy which will cause you to unable to sync product, prices, inventory to Lazada account and also order is unable to fetch back to Zetpy.

Why it happens?

This is a security protection implemented by Lazada (it will also happen only in Lazada) to ensure that the seller has full authorization of their account so the token that access to your account will be stopped every 3 months and required the seller to re-authorize their account in order to resume the API. 


How to Re-Authorize your Lazada Account?

1. Go to Lazada Malaysia Plug-in.

2. Click 'Accounts' button on the top right.


4. Click 'Edit' on the account that is not authorised


5. Ensure the email filled in is correct, then click 'Save'.


6. It will direct you to Lazada Open Platform Page, select Country as Malaysia and enter your Email and Password that you used to login Lazada Seller Center. Once done, click 'Submit'.


Note: If you are not able to redirect to Lazada Open Platform page,

kindly check your Browser POP Up blocker settings. Click here to find out more details.


7. Now, the token access to your account is successful. Go back to your Zetpy account and click Lazada Plugin again to refresh the page. The account should be authorized by now.


*Note: Please login to Zetpy account from time to time in order to ensure your Lazada account is always connected to Zetpy so that the orders and inventory is always up-to-date. :)


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com