There are 2 ways to sync orders from Zetpy to Xilnex:

Auto Import Order

Manual Import Order


(A) Auto Import Order to Xilnex

  •  To enable the system to auto import order, go to Xilnex plugin > Setup Account > Toggle the button to enable Auto Import from Zetpy to Xilnex. 

  • Once enabled, the date will auto set to the next day, it means that ONLY the orders that placed on the next day onwards will start to auto sync to Xilnex. 
  • The sync interval is every 5 minutes.
  • The order that are these statuses will be synced to Xilnex: New, Unpaid, Ready to Ship, Shipped and Completed.
  • All orders will be synced as a Sales Invoice and the Available Stock will be auto deducted in Xilnex.
  • When the order turned to Cancelled status from Unpaid, New and Ready to Ship status, Zetpy will auto cancel the invoice and add back the stock in Xilnex. 

Important note: If you use this Auto Import Order feature, when the order turned to CANCELLED status, your Xilnex will have lots of cancel orders. So, will might question by finance / audit. Hence, most of the users will not use this Auto Import Order feature due to this reason. 


(B) Manual Import Order

  • By default, the order will be imported in a manual way if you do not enable ‘Auto import order’ setting in Zetpy.
  • The order status that can be selected are: New, Ready to Ship, Shipped, Completed, and Unpaid. For the cancelled or return order will be auto excluded.
  • All orders will be synced as Sales Invoice, and the Available Stock will auto deduct in Xilnex. 


A MUST DO steps before start importing orders to Xilnex for both Auto & Manual Import Order:

In order to sync shipping fee, discount price and shopee coin to Xilnex, please create 'Shipping Fee', 'Discount' and 'Shopee Coin' items as Service-Based Type in Xilnex.

Take note: Only required to fill in Item Code, Item Name, Set as Service-Based Type, and Set as Active, while for Price and Stock is NOT required to set.

1. Shipping Fee - Service-Based Type

Item Code: shipping_fee (**must follow the same)

Item Name: Shipping Fee (you may set it differently)

Set it as 'Active'


2. Discount - Service-Based Type 

Item Code: discounted (**must follow the same)

Item Name: Discount (you may set it differently)

Set it as 'Active'


3. Shopee coin - Service-Based Type 

Item Code: shopee_coin (**must follow the same)

Item Name: SHOPEE COIN (you may set it differently)

Set it as 'Active'


4. Go to Menu icon > System Configuration > Maintenance. Make sure to set:

I. Category: Sales

II. Type: Sales Type

III. Tick 'E-Commerce' value


Also, please check if the outlet (that linked with Zetpy) has disabled rounding in Xilnex.

1. Go to System Configuration:


2. Go to Sales section > Rounding > Select 'Show Outlets Configuration' and all outlets will be shown > Make sure the outlet that sync with Zetpy does not enable rounding, to ensure that the amount of invoice has the exact amount with Zetpy.


Steps to Import Order in Manual Way:

1. To sync order in a manual way, go to the Xilnex plugin, click on Sync Order


2. Click on Sync Order.


Example of syncing a ‘New’ status order from Lazada, the total is RM10.


3. You will then be prompted with this screen where you have to select the order. You may search the order reference ID in the search bar, tick the order and click ‘Select Order’.


4. Wait for few minutes for the order to sync and when the status has updated to Success status. Order will then sync as Sales Invoice. Go to Xilnex and search the Sale ID (eg: 900106)

Note: Before selecting the orders, please ensure that the item is existed in Xilnex and has sufficient stock. 


5. Select the order made date in Xilnex to search for the order. Before click to see the details, you are able to see the client's name and the total amount of the order.


6. Click inside the Sales Invoice, you will able to see the product selling price, shipping fee, and a discounted price (eg: voucher). Under Sales Person, you are able to know the order is made from which marketplace. If it is a paid order, the payment status is Paid and delivery status is Pending. Then, only ‘available stock’ will be deducted in Xilnex.

Once the delivery status has updated to ‘Completed’, the on-hand stock will be deducted.



7. When an order is synced to Xilnex, customer data will be synced as well into Xilnex Client List. You can search for the client's name to find the client ID. The client info includes Name, Mobile Number, and Address. The existing client ID will be linked if the client mobile number has existed in Xilnex.


Extra Information

You can differentiate the e-commerce sale and outlet sale by "Sales Type" in Xilnex. If orders are from Zetpy, the "Sales Type" will show E-Commerce.


You can view the "Sales Type" in the Xilnex invoice details.


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at