In what situation the products will be imported?

The product must be:

- Enabled ‘Publish to E-commerce’ attribute.

- Active product (even with 0 quantity)


The Product Type / Package Type supported now:

- Normal type ONLY

- Pre Pack Packages


You can find the ‘Publish to E-commerce’ and 'Active' attribute on the right side of the item page. By default, the ‘Publish to E-commerce’ attribute is un-ticked.


The product info that will be imported into Zetpy are Item Code (must be same as the SKU in marketplaces and online store), Item Name, Model, Category, Brand, Description, Sales Price, Weight, Length, Width, Height and Image


Note: In Zetpy, the item code and item name is the mandatory filled in info, therefore in order to import the product to Zetpy, the item in Xilnex must at least have item code and item name filled in, other info can be blank as you can add in afterwards in Zetpy. 


ONLY Number 1. Price (Sales Price) will be taken and synced to Zetpy as the original selling price of the product. If the number 1. is not the price you would like to sell on marketplaces or online store, you have to edit the price in Zetpy in Products page before adding to the marketplaces / online store plugin. 


If you input the Weight in Xilnex as Gram, kindly edit it and convert it to KG in Zetpy Products Page as marketplaces are using KG as the unit.


Steps to import products to Zetpy:

1. Go to Zetpy Xilnex plugin, click on ‘Import Products’ button. A loading bar will be appeared and it takes some times to complete depends on how many products you have in Xilnex.


Note: For the first time import, all items that checked with ‘Publish to E-commerce’  in Xilnex will be imported into Zetpy. Start from the second import onwards, only the new items will be imported to Zetpy. Any info updated for existing items in Xilnex (that already imported to Zetpy) will not update or overwrite the info to Zetpy.


2. After imported to Zetpy, you can now start to edit the product info in Zetpy. Please click here to refer to the next tutorial.



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