1) Login to your Zetpy account.

2) On the app section, click Plugins.

3) Click Add Plugins.


4) Click Add Plugin tab and you will see Shopee Logo under marketplace plugin, Click Add button.


5) Click Install.


6) Click Add.


7) Fill in the Name and User Email. For Cross Border Shop, select 'True' for cross border seller, or 'False' for local seller. Once done, click Save.




9) Click on the account that you have filled in before.


10) Click on Confirm Authorization.


11) The authorization is completed and your Shopee account is now successfully connected with Zetpy.

*Noted: Once you have authorized Shopee account, the system will automatically fetch back all the orders from 6 months ago into Zetpy, along with the details of customers.


12) You can start to sync your products from Zetpy to your Shopee Seller Centre account. There are 2 options to sync your products:

A) If you have existing products in your Shopee account, kindly fill in the SKU for your Shopee Products first, then you may start to import all the products from your Shopee Seller Center to Zetpy. Please refer here to learn how to import product. 


B) If you have no existing product in Shopee account yet, you can start to Add New Product in Zetpy and sync it to your Shopee account. Please refer here to learn how to add new product.


13) Lastly, you can preset a few options based on your seller account such as Days to ship, Condition and Shipping Channel.

You may refer here more for details: How to set General Setting for Shopee plugin?


If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com