1. Click here to Sign In to Xilnex Web Apps.

2. Click Download Xilnex to download Xilnex application to your desktop.


3. Login to Xilnex RetailPOS.


4. Enter your new outlet name in the text field, and click Add.


5. Once done, click Select.


6. You are now successfully login to Xilnex Retail Business Solution.


7. Now, click here to login to Xilnex Developer Portal. (Note: Please use Admin Login Access to login as this is required by Xilnex for security reason)


8. Go to Home Page and click Create Project under Project Listing.


9. Complete all the fields such as Project Name, Develop Company and Company Alias. Suggested to fill in as below:

- Project Name: Your company/brand name x Zetpy

- Develop Company: Zetpy

- Company Alias: support@zetpy.com


10. Click Ok once done. You will be redirected to Access Control page.


11. On Setup Access Control page, you will be managing the API access of current project.

12. Select ALL boxes on Logic and Apps, and click Save Changes when you are done. You will be redirect to the project page.


13. Create a new application by clicking Add Application.


14. Fill in all the fields and click Ok. You will be redirect to application page.


15. Right now you already have the App ID, you need to create Token. Simply click on Add Token to create Token.


16. Copy the AppID and Token.


Note that:

Once you copy Token, open Notepad and paste them inside it. Then, you can paste them easily to Zetpy.

17. Login to Zetpy and go to APPS > Plugins > Add Plugins tab > Add the Xilnex plugin and install it.


18. Go to POS > Xilnex.


19. Click on Setup Account.


20. Click Setup.


21. Paste your App ID, Token, and Auth. Click Save once done.


22. Click on Outlet button.


23. Select your outlet and click Save button.


24. Outlet is successfully added.


25. Select Active Price on Product Import Setting, based on the following:

i. Sale Price

ii. Employee Price

iii. Wholesale Price

iv. Custom Price

v. Suggested Price

vi. Web Price (Original Price)

vii. Web Dealer Price


26. Allow setting for Order Sync Option based on the following:

i. Auto Import

ii. Start Import Date

iii. Shipping Fee

iv. Shopee Coin

v. Seller Voucher

vi. Marketplace Voucher

vii. Batch Control

viii. Sales Type: Usually 'E-Commerce'


27. Last but not least, select Client Setting based on the following:

i. Original Client Name

ii. App Name

iii. Client Code


28. Click on the Save button. You are now successfully connected with Zetpy.


Extra information on Batch Control & Expiry Control

In order for Batch Control to be apply to each individual item, you need to do some extra setting during create new item. These steps will also avoid the error status in Zetpy. 


a. Go to Master Date > Select Add Item > Select Item.

b. Tick “ √ “ on batch control. 


c. Select Additional Information II and fill in Batch Expiry Duration (Days)



If you have any issues or questions, please drop us an email at support@zetpy.com.