To start, follow the initial setup guide as below: 

Step 1: Install Plugin and Authorize Account

Step 2: Import Products from Marketplaces

Step 3: Check & Update Stock Quantity

Step 4: Add New Product


Step 1: Install Plugin & Authorize Account

  • 1.1 Install Marketplaces Plugin

       Install marketplaces plugin that you are selling at. Eg, Lazada, Shopee..

  • 1.2 Authorize Marketplace Account

    Authorize permission account to allow Zetpy to access marketplace account.

Read More about Marketplaces Installation & Authorize Plugin


Step 2: Import Products from marketplaces

Before import, here are the tips and know-how you should know:

  • Which marketplaces should you import from first?

    We suggest you to first import from Lazada > Shopee > PrestoMall. 

    It is because Lazada has the most completed product details. If you're selling in Lazada, you should import products from Lazada first. If you're not, you can import from Shopee first, followed by other channels (eg, Shopify / WooCommerce )

    Important Tip: Product Dimension (Length, Width,  Height) in Shopee Seller Center is not a mandatory field while they are mandatory fields in Lazada Seller Center. Hence, if you didn't fill in Product Dimension in Shopee Seller Center, you gonna fill in first (if you choose to import from Shopee first) else product dimension will be empty after you imported to Zetpy in the Product listing. 


    If you have any concerns about this, please contact us at for more advice.

  • Is SKU important?

    SKU is Important because it is the key to SYNC products from Zetpy to Marketplaces ( Lazada, Shopee..) and vise versa. Therefore,

    • All products must be assigned with SKUs in every marketplace. 
    • The SAME item in different marketplaces must have the SAME SKU
    • Zetpy will import products assigned with SKU only

      Important Tip:  In Shopee, the SKU is not a mandatory field, so if you didn't fill in SKU in Shopee Seller Center, kindly fill in the SKU first before you import the product into Zetpy. The products in Shopee will not be imported to Zetpy if the SKU field is empty.
      • Suggested SKU format - for the best practice:
        • SKU format : alphabet, number and symbol - (dash) and  _  (underscore) only. The rest of the symbols and blank spacing are not recommended. Examples:
          • Parent SKU: Iphone12Pro or Iphone-12-Pro
          • Variation SKU: Iphone12Pro-Red-125GB or Iphone-12-Pro-Blue-64GB

  • Can I always Import products from marketplaces into Zetpy?
    • For the 1st time click of the Import Product in each marketplaces account, it will import all products from marketplaces to Zetpy.
    • If you click again the Import Product button, it will only import those NEW products from marketplaces which not exist in Zetpy>marketplaces plugin's listing. 
    • It will not import again the existing product in Zetpy & overwrite the existing product details. 
    • For the NEW product that is imported if that product already exists in Zetpy Product core, the existing stock will be overwritten if the marketplaces stock is lesser than Zetpy's stock
      • SKU: ABC-Red, stock qty is 5 in Zetpy Product core & Lazada plugin. 
      • The same SKU: ABC-Red in Shopee is 3 qty. After you import the product from the Shopee account, the SKU: ABC-Red will be overwritten in Zetpy Product core from 5 to 3, because Zetpy will always get the LOWEST stock and overwrite it in Zetpy Product core. 
      • Lastly, you have to update stock in Zetpy Product core as the STEP 3 below, in order to make sure the stock will be synced to all marketplaces account and make it tally at the beginning, else your stock will be not tally in the future.

  • Where are the imported product details stored?

    The product information of the FIRST import marketplace account will store in Zetpy > Product listing and marketplace plugin itself.

    • The following import marketplaces account details will store at the marketplace plugin itself. You can modify the product details (i.e Name, Description, Price) in Marketplace Plugin ONLY.
    • The FIRST imported product info will not be overwritten by the following import in the Product Listing, except for STOCK quantity.  Stock Quantity must be adjusted in Zetpy > Product listing, not under Marketplace Plugin.

Once the import is done, your product items will display in Zetpy > Product. Next, you can check through the item details, if there's no issue, you can continue to import another marketplace account. 

**Important Tip:  Please do not perform this action - click the IMPORT PRODUCT button at the same time for different channels or different accounts. This could be causing the same SKUs product duplicated in Zetpy Product core listing during the importing as the both channels account is running at the same time. Hence, perform the import step by step, wait until the 1st import process is finished first, then only proceed to the next IMPORT. 

Tutorials of import products from marketplaces:


Step 3: Check & Update Stock Quantity [MUST DO]

After you have completed the importing from the marketplace account, you can check through all the stock inventory of each product. Then, you can bulk update Stock Quantity to make sure all of the stock items are tally in each marketplace.

Note: Change the stock quantity under Zetpy > Products listing, it will reflect all marketplaces plugin. 

Read More about Bulk Update Stock.


Step 4: Add New Product

Congratulation! You've done the importing.

Now, you can add a new product in Zetpy and sync the items to your marketplace account which will save you time!

Add New Product into Marketplaces Plugin


Lastly, if you have any concerns about this, please contact us at for more advice, our customer success team will assist you with this onboarding process.